Make Your Life Sweeter® founder Yasmeen Tadia has transformed standard-issue, carnival cotton candy and popcorn into gourmet indulgences with her signature line of sweets sensations, including Fluffpop® Artisanal Mini Cotton Candy, Hotpoppin® Gourmet Popcorn, Sugaire All-Natural Cotton Candy and her most recent creation called ModSweets. Visions of fluffy treats and popped sweets weren’t always dancing in Tadia’s head. As a Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business grad, she spent 10 years in corporate America before starting Make Your Life Sweeter. However, her time spent in a variety of management positions, and later as the corporate director of human resources for the largest hospitality management company based in New York City, gave her the confidence kick she needed to turn her fluffy dream into a serious reality.

“Make Your Life Sweeter” is also a motto Tadia lives by, endeavoring to make a sweet impact on the lives of others while supporting a variety of charitable initiatives. Ms. Tadia's philanthropic passion has enticed her to create a non-profit organization called Random Acts of Sweetness®  that will inspire others and also give her son the opportunity of interacting with those less fortunate than him. Tadia is currently working on writing her first book and enjoys the opportunity of sharing her experiences through a variety of public speaking platforms. During her spare time, her favorite thing to do is to travel with Zain, giving him the opportunity of creating memories through global experiences.

Yasmeen is a sought after speaker, educating audiences about multiple topics such as human resources, entrepreneurship, small business, women owned business, reaching millennials. No matter what topic she touches on, she is guaranteed to bring SWEETNESS!

Success comes from growth, and growth only happens when you surround yourself with people who push you and challenge you. That’s why having multiple mentors constantly  in her life is a conviction of Yasmeen’s that she stands by. Understanding how important this is, Yasmeen is constantly pouring into other entrepreneurs and helping guide them and embrace the hard work it takes to realize your dreams.  

Yasmeen is 5th generation South African of indian descent. After practicing as a successful physician in South Africa for many years, the tumultuous political environment of the apartheid convinced her father to immigrate to the United States along with her, her mother and her brother. Unable to continue practicing as a doctor in the U.S., he decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and formed a business plan based on developing meaningful relationships focused on trust and dedication. Surrounded by his business from a young age, Yasmeen’s father’s entrepreneurial drive has been inspiring her since childhood. Growing up in a family that chose to start over from scratch in a foreign country was beyond challenging, but Yasmeen was extremely blessed that her parents always focused on the importance of a solid education. Her father’s motto for the family was “Eat, sleep, pray, and study.” That motto helped her graduate from Southern Methodist University with a degree in business management and then spend 10 years in corporate America serving in various management positions. The corporate world was a challenge, but the experience served as a phenomenal platform that helped her think strategically, work efficiently, and become a driver of change. When not trying to take over the world with her sweet creations, Yasmeen can be found on countless adventures with her eight year old son Zain. Their favorite things to do together are travel the globe, find the coolest food trends and visit with friends.