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Hotel ZAZA Grand Opening

Memorial City - Houston

The Make Your Life Sweeter team and I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending Hotel Zazas Grand Opening soiree in Houston a few weeks back, and it was anything but simple.

This Texan hotel brought a perfect mixture of comfort and style  that are hard to come by in other hotels, bringing an intimate feeling to each and every guest. 

"ZAZA AIR" was the theme for the hotels grand opening party. Guests were welcomed to a red carpet leading into the hotel, greeted by Flight Attendants and Pilots handing out passports to be stamped at every room. 

People made their way through the hotel, amazed at every little detail the ZAZA staff went through to make the experience memorable. There were luxury cars lined up out front, models imitating live art throughout the hotels, a violinist jamming along to Drake's top hits, and a pretty awesome hot tea bar from yours truly!

Located in the luxurious "ZASPA", SUGAIRE® was in full swing running an Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea Infusion Bar for eager guests.

Greeted by the Make Your Life Sweeter® team, everyone had the opportunity to choose from nine flavors of SUGAIRE® and were presented with a fabulous treat to end their night.

On the fifth floor, guests were able to walk-through and experience the "Magnificent Seven Suites". From the "Passage to India" to the " Godfather" suites, no room was the same. This gave guests an extraordinary experience of understanding the creativity behind the hotel and seeing how much work was put into making such an unforgettable stay for each and every individual that chooses to stay at this one of a kind hotel.

The tenth floor held many exquisite choices of food and beverages that would fit anyone's needs. The dance floor was buzzing with people dancing and having a great time. Movies projected onto the walls, trapeze artists swayed in the room and a violinist played along to the DJ; making an incredible end to an amazing night!

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was so honored to be able to have made everyones night at Hotel ZAZA a little sweeter!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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RewardStyle Collaboration Lunch

This past week, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I had the opportunity to attend and spread a little Sweetness to a lunch like no other.

With everyday life and hectic schedules, Morgan Pieper thought to end the convenient and easy choice of unhealthy food choices. With her company, Feed Me Pronto, she developed an alternative and healthier way of living. With work weeks booked with plans and appointments, Morgan is able to bring nutritious food to anyone’s dinner table, no matter the schedule.

From ping-pong tables to fully stocked snack rooms, the headquarters of RewardStyle did not disappoint. Nestled in the heart of Dallas, the marketing company is a platform for influencers and bloggers to share and sale to their fellow consumers. Having taken a personal tour, I’d have to say I was pretty impressed. The 8th floor held the main lounge area where RewardStyle team members could work in comfort. Down the hall, the main kitchen held a breathtaking view of the city with the most picturesque qualities. The dining area was open and bright with natural light filling the room.

Feed Me Pronto held a collaboration lunch to give the hard-working team members of RewardStyle some healthy goodness in their lives! The Make Your Life Sweeter team had the opportunity to be a part of this special day by topping off the drink options with our organic cotton candy, SUGAIRE®.

As the RewardStyle staff starting flooding in, SUGAIRE® starting flying off the shelfs, everyone loved the idea of a healthy, and tasty dessert option.

At RewardStyle, I was able to see a beautiful office and meet the amazing people behind an extraordinary brand.

All the while, making life a little Sweeter.

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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