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The Knot Pro Workshop - Annapolis

Throughout the year, The Knot Pro has held workshops around the country for event planners, designers and photographers eager to get a better insight on the happenings in the wedding industry. 

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I had the amazing opportunity to attend this month's Knot Pro workshop in the beautiful state of Maryland. 

We arrived in the early afternoon to set up for the day's festivities. As we entered the elegant Westin hotel located in downtown Annapolis, we were greeted by warm welcomes and cheerful company.

We arrived just in time for lunch and were blown away by the chic and sophisticated design of the workshop. From the flowers to the silverware, everything was put into place to make this day perfect for all that were attending. 

After lunch, my team and I began to set up our first sweet treat of the day! Guests were welcomed to their afternoon break with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Rose Gold Infusion Bar. Everyone loved a little break in between the workshop to enjoy such a decadent (and Instagram worthy) treat!

As everyone made their way back into the conference room, my team and I packed up and headed to the ballroom to set up for our final soiree. 

When the workshop commenced, guests were led to the far side of the hotel for cocktails and conversations! The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was in attendance with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Affogato Bar and  HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn served in exquisite martini glasses. 

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I had such an amazing time at the Knot Pro Workshop and I am so beyond grateful to have such an amazing partnership with the wonderful people over at The Knot! I can't wait to see what these next couple of months hold in store for us!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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The Knot Pro Workshop: Denver

The Knot Pro is a world renowned company that specializes in growing wedding businesses. Through the help of the KNOT, the parent company that the Knot Pro stems from, focuses on helping the businesses behind every wedding, instead of the bride or groom. 

This year, the Knot Pro has created a one of a kind experience to fit every wedding planners dream. For three months, the remarkable team at the Knot Pro come together to create an amazing workshop for wedding vendors all around the country. Located in every major city, the Knot has made it easily accessible for every individual to learn and network with others around the city. 

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked by the Knot Pro to attend these conferences to ensure that their guests will be provided with a SWEET treat! The team and I were so gracious to attend, we flew out to Denver Colorado to work some magic into the workshops. 

When we arrived to the RItz-Carlton in downtown Denver, I was welcomed by the Knot Pro team and escorted through the hotel. I was amazed at how beautiful everything was. The Knot had transformed an entire floor of the Ritz into something out of a fairytale. There were flower murals and decorative treats everywhere. 

I was able to sit in on the workshop and learn more about what goes into the wedding industry. As the day progressed, I was able to meet and network with so many amazing people at the workshop and was so grateful for the amazing opportunity.

As the afternoon break came around, guests were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Affogato Bar with a choice of either Sea Salt Caramel or Créme Brülee Cheesecake Flavored Cotton Candy. Everyone loved the afternoon treat and couldn't get enough of our customized wedding hashtag flags!

As the workshop came to an end, guests were escorted outside for cocktail hour. Outside, everyone was greeted with the most picturesque of views. With a view of Downtown Denver, everyone was able to network and have fun with signature drinks and amazing food. My favorite part had to of been the outstanding cellist, violinist and pianist (who by the way, provided her own piano! #byop) who played throughout the night. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent the Knot Pro at these amazing workshops and cannot wait for Annapolis!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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