D Magazine Holiday Party

D Magazine is one of the most outstanding and influential magazine outlets in the entire Dallas Metroplex. The writers at D Magazine are able to inspire every reader through their powerful editorials and compelling stories. 

This past September, The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked to come and make life a little sweeter for all of the employees in the D Magazine office.

Located in beautiful Downtown Dallas, the D Magazine office was the perfect combination of sophisticated and chic. The area was cozy and trendy, filled with fashionable furniture and issues of D Magazine spread across the entirety of the room. It was the perfect space for editors to come and write, all the while having a breathtaking view of Downtown Dallas.

My team and I arrived in the afternoon to begin our SWEET services. We set up a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Affogato Bar with a customized hashtag flags and your choice of either Sea Salt Caramel, Creme Brûlée Cheesecake or Toasted Coconut Organic Cotton Candy. 

As guests arrived, they could not get over how amazing and articulate everything was. As we began, everyone was filled with excitement. 

The Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Affogato Bar was a huge success, I am so lucky to have been invited this amazing office and cannot wait to make life sweeter for all of the people over at D Magazine again!

- Make Your Life Sweeter,


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