TIGI - Fantastic Sams Convention

Fantastic Sams® is one of the world's largest full-service hair care franchises, with salons located throughout North America. Every year, they host the Fantastic Sams® convention in a prominent region of the country. This convention welcomes salon owners and stylists from all corners of the United States, educating and collaborating on the top brands in the styling world.

This years convention was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bringing together the best in the business for a three day long extravaganza. The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked to attend, to bring a little sweetness to everyone visiting the TIGI® booth.

The TIGI® team and I worked tirelessly for months to conduct a highly personalized and extravagant take away gift for everyone attending the Fantastic Sams® Convention. By the time the convention rolled around, my team and I had created the perfect customized experience for all attendees.

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team arrived the day before to begin setup. Our tables were filled with a beautifully designed and personalized Make Your Life Sweeter® Infusion Box sets for guests. As guests arrived, they were handed a TIGI® swag bag and asked to choose between three flavors of Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy, Hotpoppin® Gourmet Popcorn and over 5 flavors of DRY® Sparkling Water. Each item was customized with a TIGI® logo and fit perfectly into each and every swag bag that was provided.

Everyone went crazy for the SWEET treats and were even coming back for more! My team and I served over 500 people in just the first four hours!!!

The next two days were just as exciting! Haircare brands lined the walls of the Red Rock Convention Center and everyone attending was having such a great time!

On our last day, we had some free time before our flight, so my team and I decided to head over to the Red Rock Canyon and do a little hiking before the storm blew in. The views were absolutely breathtaking. My team and I ended the night by going to Black Tap for dinner and milkshakes (did I mention that these milkshakes were bigger than my entire head!?). I am so grateful to be given these remarkable and amazing opportunities and cannot wait to go back!

Make Your Life Sweeter,


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