Sephora - Color Up Close Event

Sephora is one of the most popular and influential makeup companies in the entire country. Each year, Sephora generates millions on revenue through their stores. Sephora is a company that belongs to anyone, no matter age, gender or race. You find what you need (and let’s be honest, probably a little more)! When Make Your Life Sweeter® was asked to help incorporate a little sweetness into one of their biggest events, we were happy to oblige!

My team and I arrived to New York to begin setup for the Sephora event that would take place over the course of two days. Located at the most pristine shopping mall in all of New York, Hudson Yards was calling our name. As we arrived to Hudson Yards, my team and I made our way through the mall and up to the third floor, where we laid our eyes on the most beautiful Sephora in the entire city.  As we made our way inside, I was welcomed by the fabulous Sephora team and felt right at home! The Make Your Life Sweeter® team began setup and we got straight to work!

Sephora was hosting no other than Elaine Welteroth! Former Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, and newly established bestselling author of “More than Enough” ! I had the opportunity to work with Elaine in the past when she was at Teen Vogue and was so thankful to have had the opportunity to catch up! As guests waited eagerly to meet Elaine, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar with a Passion fruit sparkling lemonade and your choice of organic cotton candy! Everyone was thrilled to have a sweet treat and were even coming back for seconds! For V.I.P guests, Make Your Life Sweeter® offered a custom Sephora ModChocolate Artisanal Truffles Bar with customized 2 piece Sephora gold keepsake boxes to take home! As the event progressed to its second day, we were welcomed with even more eager customers looking for a Sweet treat! 

I cannot thank the team over at Sephora enough for such a remarkable opportunity and for treating the Make Your Life Sweeter® team as one of their own! I cannot wait to see what other collaborations the Sephora and Make Your Life Sweeter® team will think of next!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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