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L'Oréal - VIP Insiders Event

L’Oréal is the biggest and most influential cosmetics company in the entire world. They supply everything from hair to skin products and continue to make the newest and most innovative products on the market. This past August, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team had the opportunity to make the night a little sweeter for a small cocktail party celebrating all that is L’Oréal!

As my team and I arrived to the Omni® Hotel located in the heart of downtown Dallas, I was reminded how beautiful of a place the Omni® is! We proceeded to the conference floor to begin setup for the nights event. When we arrived, we were greeted by the sweetest team over at L’Oréal and soon became quick friends!

As quests started to make their way into the room, they were greeted with a Fluffpop® Artisanal Miniature Gourmet Cotton Candy Live Spin Station with your choice of either Guava, Lychee, Pineapple or Strawberry flavored cotton candy! As I passed assorted flavors of Fluffpop® around the room, I was engulfed in eager and excited guests hoping to grab a taste of the sweet treat!

Throughout the night, those in attendance were welcomed with a variety of food options like street tacos, lobster rolls, sliders and even a diy salad table! As everyone conversed and danced through the night, they were able to remember the event perfectly with a very special and intricate photo-booth with your choice of wig!

It was such a magical night celebrating L’Oréal! The Make Your Life Sweeter® team cannot wait to collaborate with them again!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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Ulta General Managers Convention

Ulta® Beauty is a multi-million dollar company with cosmetic stores all around the country. They specialize in cosmetics, fragrances, skincare and hair products. Every year, they hold an elaborate convention for all Ulta® General Managers around the country to show the newest products for the next fiscal year. This year, the annual Ulta® Convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anyone who’s anyone is at the Ulta® convention. It’s an entire convention center filled with rows and rows of endless products as far as the eye can see. One of our favorite clients, Drybar®, was even in attendance! When they asked if the Make Your Life Sweeter® team would be able to make life a little Sweeter for everyone, we couldn’t refuse!

Before we left for Atlanta, one of our most beloved clients reached out for a little Sweetness, so we came prepared to setup some SWEET treats for both the Drybar® and L’Orèal Matrix Booth! My team and I arrived to the convention center a day early to setup for all of the events.

The day of the event, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team split into two in order to divide and conquer, we were ready for anything! As attendees started to make their way into the Atlanta Convention Center, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion and HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn Bar with customized DryBar® hashtag flag straws. The DryBar® booth was popping with their own personal DJ and hair tutorials, everyone was having such a great time at the DryBar® booth, we couldn’t stop giving away product!

Down the hall, the rest of the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was just finishing setting up for their booth of Sweetness! Guests were greeted with a Le Mod Gourmet Macaron tasting bar with Coconut flavored Gelato! Guests were thrilled to have a sweet treat while learning more about L’Orèal’s newest products.

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team had such an amazing time at Ulta’s 2019 General Managers Convention and we cannot wait for next year!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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