The Knot Pro Workshop - Dallas

Through the years, The Knot Pro has worked hand in hand with wedding planners and caterers all around the world. This year, the well known wedding industry has started something new. Instead of being exclusive to only planners and caterers, the Knot Pro has decided to open their doors to the public. Through their highly rated “test trials”, brides of all walks of life are able to come up close to all of the wonderful products and services that The Knot Pro has to offer. This past September, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked to participate in the Knot Pros very first trail run in Dallas Texas!

My team and I arrived in the early morning to set up for the days festivities and were blown away by the transformation of the venue. As guests walked in, they were greeted with an ombre wall of colors and important information as they checked in for the day. Brides welcomed quests through the doors, dressed in the most beautiful dresses that I had ever seen.

As you walked through the building, you were transformed into multiple dream weddings. We had the modern bride, whose room was chic and glam; we had the traditional room full of beautiful finger foods and floral landscapes. To the left we had a room full of donut walls and chairs of all different shapes and sizes, and in the other we had floor seating with bohemian table pieces and tapestries lining the walls. Every kind of bride was illustrated into the making of this beautiful masterpiece. Wether you wanted a traditional or bohemian wedding, you were sure to find inspiration within these walls.

When the Make Your Life Sweeter® team arrived, we were escorted to the bohemian room and began to set up for the days festivities. Guests were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar as they entered the venue and were ecstatic over the sweet treat.

The Knot Pro’s first bride friendly convention was an amazing success and cannot wait to see what the future has to offer for this amazing company!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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The Elisa Project Luncheon - Fighting against eating disorders.

The Elisa Project is an organization that helps and guides individuals of all backgrounds to a healthier way of living. Through TEP, many people are able to get the resources needed in order to help and diminish eating disorders. Recently, The Elisa Project held a luncheon at the BrookHollow Country Club with a very special keynote speaker; Chrissy Metz.

The Make Your Life Sweeter team had the opportunity to donate hundreds of products to the event, all to further a remarkable cause. Every seat was furnished with either a bag of HotPoppin Popcorn or a sweet pint of Sugaire Organic Cotton Candy.The VIP tables were dawned with our MOD SWEETS Artisanal Collection of popcorn, we even got to gift the honoree; Chrissy Metz with our signature Keepsake Box (which she loved by the way). The guests adored the sweet treats, and enjoyed a little snack while learning more about The Elisa Project

MODSWEETS - The Elisa Project Luncheon
Yasmeen Tadia - The Elisa Project Luncheon

My team and I arrived early to set up the event, it was wonderful to see things before guests filled the rooms. Every table was set with an exquisite floral center piece with fine china for every guest. Before the event started, The Make Your Life Sweeter Team had the chance to meet the Golden Globe Nominated and "This is us" actress, Chrissy Metz!

While the guests started flooding in, my team and I took our seats at our table that was so graciously donated to us from The Elisa Project. I invited some close friends as well as my team, so that we could all experience this remarkable cause together.

As lunch was served, women from The Elisa Project went to  the podium and explained why they fight against this terrible disease that hurts so many people. They described cases where they've helped others and even had someone speak who had an eating disorder, and how The Elisa Project helped her overcome those tough times. 

After lunch was served, the speaker welcomed Chrissy and asked her to join her on stage. They talked about how important it is to love yourself and have a strong support system when times get rough. She talked about how she has struggled throughout her life with her weight and self image and said that if she could tell herself then what she knew now, then she'd say not to listen to the people that put you down; it's your life and it's your body, live it the way that you want. 

Make Your Life Sweeter Events - The Elisa Project with special guest Chrissy Metz

This luncheon was so inspirational and sent such a strong message to all of the attendees in the room. It was such an honor to be able to listen to such motivational and real words and im so thankful that my team and I had the chance to be apart of something so amazing!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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D Magazine - January 11, 2018

100 Ideas for Living a Beautiful Life in Dallas

Our first event of 2018 was soooo SWEET!

We made it on the D Home “100 Ideas for Living a Beautiful Life in Dallas.” YAY!!!

This event showcased some of the best vendors around Dallas for living a beautiful, luxurious life. We had a very special activation for this event. Instead of using our popcorn bins and a regular table, we worked with our venue and space and had HotPoppin® and Sugaire® INSIDE SINKS!!! We have never done an activation like this and it was a total HIT!! Seeing everyone’s expressions as they walked in to see popcorn and cotton candy inside sinks was so memorable.

The venue for this event was none other than Expressions Home Gallery in the Dallas Design District. It almost felt like Expressions was made for this D Home event. Every aspect of this venue was so aesthetically pleasing. The very first thing people saw was a beautiful bathtub filled with a gorgeous flower arrangement from The Southern Table. I could feel the excitement of people as they walked in to see the home gallery wonderland.

Bass was rattling chandeliers, The Bowen House Dallas bartenders were serving up some amazing cocktails and Oakclifff’s Garnish Kitchen was Flambé-ing away.

While mingling, guests had several different activations to see. Oil and Cotton was teaching calligraphy with leaves and Maxine Owens from The Southern Table was demonstrating DIY flower arrangements.

D Home and D magazine are very near and dear to my heart. I have been working with them since I started Make Your Life Sweeter and I am so glad I still get the opportunity to work with them. This event was SO SWEET! Everything came together perfectly and my team had a blast meeting new vendors, clients and new friends.

Until next time, D Live!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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Facebook Holiday Party NYC

New York City is home to some of the most innovative and high tech companies in the world. This past December, we had the opportunity to explore Facebook’s insanely SWEET office.

Most large work spaces and offices are designed with cubicles and plain walls - Facebook is NOTHING like that. Everything about this office was fascinating. It’s every employee’s dream office; no two rooms or floors are alike, you’re fed three meals a day with an abundance of options.  Here are just a few of the SWEETEST things I saw while at Facebook NY!

  1. Nestled inside the world of Facebook is Sweet, sweet Instagram. The North side of the 7th floor belongs to Instagram’s programmers and consultants.  Since the holidays were just around the corner, we treated the Instagram team to a hot chocolate bar infused with their choice of  Sugaire® Cotton Candy (Classic, Sweet Peppermint or Sea Salt Caramel).

2. Micro Kitchens are conveniently located around each floor, stocked with a plethora of your favorite snacks and drinks. Each micro kitchen included a snack cart, three refrigerators full of every drink imaginable, and a latte machine for coffee and tea. My favorite snack was Peeled Snacks Organic Dried Mango with a FOUND Elderflower Sparkling Water. SO YUMMY!!

3. Motivational. Posters. EVERYWHERE. Literally everywhere I turned there was a poster telling me to continue doing what I love and I loved it!! I was introduced to many new quotes, along with some of my favorites. Positivity was all around! Along with the motivational posters, each office and conference room was named something hilarious. There was a “Pokemon” office and a “Leggo my Eggo” conference room, to name a few.

4. “The Weekly Push” - this is a weekly update posted inside the stalls of each bathroom stall that gives insight on specific Q & A’s, How To’s and updates on how Facebook is doing as a whole company. Besides the articles on the stall doors, these restrooms are DECKED OUT! Essentials such as sanitary items, deodorant, toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash are provided in each of the restrooms. Forgetting something essential at home is so annoying, but Facebook has helped employees by providing everything that they may need to be comfortable in the office.

5. My favorite thing about FacebookNY’s office is none other than the FOOD. Gourmet food is provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Desimone's is a cafeteria set up like a school cafeteria, but with a more adult feel to it. Cafeteria tables are set up and employees actually sit next to each other and socialize. The chef’s prepare food for all dietary restrictions. There is also an extravagant salad bar with any salad item you can imagine, a make-your-own sandwich bar that ends with panini grills and even an ice cream cart filled with your favorite flavors of organic ice cream!

Every Thursday from 5pm-7pm a happy hour mixer happens in the cafeteria. The awesome event staff that organizes this event, features different vendors with yummy snacks and treats every week! This happy hour happened to be SWEETER than any normal happy hour, because we were in attendance with a Hotpoppin® Gourmet Popcorn Bar bar and a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy hot chocolate infusion bar! While all of the employees were enjoying their Chinese takeout inspired dinners and taking pictures in the photo booth, they were stopping by our tables for some popcorn and hot chocolate!

My team and I had an unforgettable experience at the Facebook office. Our clients, Carolyn Nagler & Daniel Stokes, took such great care of us and we can’t wait to be back again to make Facebook a little bit sweeter!!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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