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Armstrong McCall World's Fair Hair Show

Armstrong McCall World’s Fair is a hair show that specializes in educating and developing hair stylists all around America. Every year, Armstrong McCall is the leading educator in the newest trends and tools. This year, Armstrong McCall decided to set up shop in San Antonio for their annual three day convention. When I was asked to incorporate a little Sweetness to the fabulous Conair booth, I was happy to oblige!

My team arrived at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio to begin setup for the three day extravaganza. As the Make Your Life Sweeter team made their way through the convention, we were thrilled to find that we would be incorporating a little sweetness to the most elaborate booth in the entire show! Conair was situated right in the middle of the convention center, making it the perfect stop for all attendees. As my team began setup, we were greeted with warm welcomes and kind smiles from everyone at the Conair booth.

As the World’s Fair Hair Show started commencement, the Make Your Life Sweeter was ready to serve some sweet treats for all convention goer’s. As guests made their way through the arena, they all stopped and watched in amazement as Conair’s top hair guru’s graced the stage to present tutorials, insights and advice to all that listened. All attendees were greeted with a Hotpoppin Gourmet Popcorn Bar with your choice of five different flavors, as well as a Sugaire Tasting Bar with your choice of either banana or pineapple flavored organic cotton candy!

As the day’s progressed, more and more guests flocked toward the Conair booth with the promise of one of a kind hair comprehension (as well as some pretty awesome sweet treats)! Throughout the three day period, the Make Your Life Sweeter team served over 2,500 people! I am so thankful for the amazing opportunities that Conair has bestowed on my team and I, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the Make Your Life Sweeter and Conair collaboration!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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Saks Fifth Avenue - Storewide Breakfast

Saks is a chain of luxury department stores spanning all around the country. Anyone who’s anyone can shop till they drop at this remarkably chic store. Every year, Saks outshines and puts their clients satisfaction above all else. This year, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked to incorporate a little sweetness to this quarters annual storewide breakfast, and we were thrilled!

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team arrived at the legendary fifth avenue flagship store for the event. My team and I were ready to take on anything! We were instructed to the 6th floor, where we began setup. While we were setting up, I was able to meet and interact with most of the team that had organized the event. I was so lucky to have met such an intelligent and humble group of people!

As employees started to make their way up to the sixth floor, they were welcomed with a Make Your Life Sweeter® Breakfast Bar! On either side of the table, you were able to choose between a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Hot Coffee or Hot Tea Infusion Bar with customized Saks Hashtag Flags! After guests chose their preferred beverage option, they made their way to the Make Your Life Sweeter® Breakfast Station where they were able to choose between a Caramel Frappuccino, Morning Latte, Glazed Donut or Strawberry Parfait flavored customized Saks Macaron! If you didn’t want to partake in the Macaron tasting, Make Your Life Sweeter® also had specialized glazed donut holes with Sea Salt Caramel flavored organic cotton candy!

After serving over 100 eager Saks employees in under 45 minutes, everyone took their seats to begin the meeting. I was fortunate enough to hear the President of Saks - Marc Metrick, speak to his fellow Saks team. It’s so inspiring to listen to someone talk about something their so passionate about, I was so thankful for the opportunity! The meeting ended with a fashion show featuring Saks’ own employees!

It’s crazy for me to think that just 8 short months ago I was across the street watching the famous window display show that Saks illustrates every Holiday season, and now I am welcomed in like one of their own. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities and friendships that I have had through this amazing journey, I can’t wait for our next event with Saks!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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