The Breakers - ANCDS Conference

Founded in 1896, the Breakers® is one of the most prestigious and well sought after resorts in North America. Guests are known to range from business tycoons to well known movie stars. Anyone who’s anyone stays at the fabulous resort, located in the beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. The Breakers® have held the honor of hosting the most elaborate events that anyone has ever seen. Every year, the Breakers® hold an immaculate 3 day pharmaceutical conference in the resort. This year, The Breakers® reached out to the Make Your Life Sweeter® team in hopes to spread a little Sweetness for the last night of the conference. We were thrilled to participate!

My team and I arrived in Palm Beach and made our way to the world renowned resort. When we arrived, we were directed straight to the ballroom to begin setup for the nights event. As we made our way to the the Grand Venetian Ballroom, we were all blown away by the magnitude and ambiance of the resort, it felt like we had just stepped into a castle. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Every major company was attending this event. Coca-Cola® and Pepsi were both in attendance as the biggest contributors (if that’s gives you any insight!). The Make Your Life Sweeter® team set up two beautiful dessert bars for the conventions last event. As guests arrived in the grand ballroom, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar with customized Breakers® hashtag flags. Guests were completely blown away and were even coming back for more!

As guests danced and conversed the night away, they feasted on an elite buffet style meal with decadent seafood as far as the eye could see. When they were finished, everyone made their way to the Venetian Ballroom for some SWEET treats!

The Venetian Ballroom was filled with desserts from all around the world. Guests had the opportunity to choose between chocolate covered waffle churros, or caramel drizzled red velvet cake. There was even a make your own sundae station and popcorn bar! As everyone made their way around the Venetian ballroom gathering plates and plates of SWEET treats, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea Infusion Bar to end their night! The Hot Tea Infusion Bar was such a hit, we couldn’t stop serving!

Everyone had such a great time at the event and I am so excited to have the Breakers® team not only as a new client, but as new friends! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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Children's Cancer Fund Gala

Children’s Cancer Fund® is a nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas that generates funds through several fundraising events throughout the year and private donations. This year, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was honored to have attended the 31st annual Children’s Cancer Fund® Gala held at the beautiful Hilton Anatole hotel.

My team and I arrived at the Hilton Anatole to setup for the nights event. As we set up, we were welcomed with the biggest smiles and loudest laughs from all the children attending the Gala! As guests started to arrive for the silent auction, they were welcomed with a Make Your Life Sweeter® Dessert Bar with an assortment of Le Mod Macarons and ModChocolate Artisanal Truffles! Everyone couldn’t get enough and they were all having such a Sweet time eating light bites while walking around the auction.

In the kids room, The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was having an awesome time hanging out with all the children walking in the nights event! As all of the children played backstage, they were able to grab from a custom Make Your Life Sweeter® dessert bar made specially for the Children’s Cancer Fund® Gala! All of the kids (and even some of the adults) Loved our HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn Bar and Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Tasting Bar with glow in the dark cotton candy! We couldn’t stop giving popcorn to all of the SWEET little faces backstage!

Thanks to the fabulous team over at Children’s Cancer Fund® Gala, my team and I were given an amazing table at the Gala to enjoy with family and friends! We had such a great time and were so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the Gala and watch all of the joyous faces up on stage! The Children’s Cancer Fund® Gala is such an important and beautiful nonprofit organization. I am so honored to attend every year, and cannot wait to see what sweet treats we can think of for next year!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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The Met - Grand Tour

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one the finest and largest museums in the entire world. They house over 5,000 years worth of art and history and welcome over 7 million people per year. The Met is one the most well known and extravagant museums in the United States.

Throughout the year, the Met holds multiple soirees in the great hall and other important areas of the museum. This year, the Met held a lavish party for all of their current members called the “Grand Tour”. All members are able to live out their inner “Night at the Museum” dreams and walk around the entire museum with their designated tour guide throughout the night. The Make Your Life Sweeter® team had the remarkable opportunity to participate and bring a little sweetness to the nights event!

As my team and I arrived to the Met, we were directed through the back of the exhibit halls and made our way up to the special events executive office. I loved it because we were able to see the intricate workings of what goes into making the Met what it is. As we arrived to meet the fabulous Met Special Events team, we were directed to our designated hall and where given our credentials.

As guests entered the American Wing in their tour, they were greeted with a Make Your Life Sweeter® HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn Dessert Bar with a plethora of flavors! We were the talk of the night as everyone kept coming up to our booth to grab seconds (some even thirds!).

I could not have chosen a more beautiful and serene place to help cater an event. Everything was so picturesque and elegant, I couldn’t stop taking pictures! I am so thankful for this opportunity and look forward for what’s to come!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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TIGI Fuga Centro Salon Grand Opening

Last April, my team and I had the opportunity to fly out to Chicago to Make Life a Little Sweeter® for the newest TIGI® concept salons grand opening!

Located on Michigan Ave. and right across the street from Chicago’s most iconic bean sculpture, stood TIGI’s newest and most prominent concept salon, called Fuga Centro.

As we arrived, we were greeted by the fabulous as ever TIGI® team and directed to our table. It was enlightening to see how TIGI® was incorporated into every single detail of the salon. From the shampoo bottles, to the complimentary photo booth, everything was perfectly branded.

As guests began to make their way into the salon, they were welcomed with a Make Your Life Sweeter® Artisanal Truffle Bar with custom TIGI® takeaway truffle boxes. Everyone had the opportunity to choose up to four of their favorite truffles to take home in a chic TIGI® branded chocolate box.

As the night progressed, guests were treated with light bites and conversations. By the end of the party, our Make Your Life Sweeter® table had been the talk of the show, everyone couldn’t get enough! It was such a magical evening and I cannot wait to see the amazing TIGI® team again for their next event!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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Justin Timberlake Event

American Airlines Center® is the most prominent music venue in all of Dallas. Every year, the AAC® welcomes hundreds of the most influential and significant people in the music industry to their arena.

This past January, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked by American Airlines Center® to preform an intimate catering experience for everyone on the Justin Timberlake tour, and we were more than happy to oblige!

As all 27 tour buses made their way into the stadium, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Customized Hot Chocolate Infusion Bar and a HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn bar. As the crew started towards the catering hall, I was taken aback by just how many people it took to put on a show. From backup dancers to carpenters, everyone had their own set of responsibilities in order to keep the show going.

Before the show started, I had the opportunity to meet Justin Timberlake himself! He came up to the Make Your Life Sweeter® Activation Bar and we welcomed him with the SWEETEST treats! It was a once in a lifetime experience and I still cannot believe that it actually happened!!

As the show was in the middle of my Random Acts of Sweetness® yearly campaign, I flew in from Asia for 24 hours for this opportunity, and was so thankful that I did.

After the backstage experience, my team and I were able to go down to the concert and stand front row! I was so thankful for the opportunity, and cannot wait to see where we go in the future with American Airlines Center®!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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SideBar Opening

SideBar is a high-fashion boutique nightclub and lounge with locations all around the country. This past November, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked to attend the opening of their newest longe; located in San Diego.

My team and I arrived in San Diego to find the most beautiful scene. The lounge, “SideBar” was transformed into a whimsical wonderland. There were chandeliers and succulents hanging from the ceiling, pastel colors flowing through the walls and dancing lights streaming along to the music.

When SideBar opened their doors, guests poured in to see just how beautiful everything was. As they made their way to the bubble bar, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion bar with a Customized SideBar straw. Everyone went crazy for this sweet treat and couldn’t get enough of it, they were lining up to see the exquisite drink option. Throughout the night, everyone in attendance was welcomed with light bites and good conversations.

As the night drew to a close, and guests started to vacate, SideBar employees were so thankful to have had the Make Your Life Sweeter® team in attendance, and we were so grateful for the opportunity. The next day, my team and I had a later flight back to Dallas, so we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo! It was something that I had been wanting to do for years now and was so excited to finally get the chance to cross it off my bucket list with such an amazing group of people!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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TIGI Copyright Event - Miami

These past few months, The Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I have been so remarkably grateful to travel around the country with such an amazing team of people over at the TIGI® Brand.

This past November, we ended the TIGI® Copyright tour in beautiful Miami! My team and I arrived the day of the event to set up for the nights festivities.

As salon owners from across the city started to make their way into the Four Seasons, they were blown away by Make Your Life Sweeter’s Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar! Everyone loved the fact that they had the choice to choose their flavor, color and preference of sparkling beverage. The Sweet infusion was perfect for the TIGI® Copyright platform , being as their line was based on an entirely customized experience for each and every client.

When we finished our service, we had the chance to sit in and listen to the TIGI® Copyright Seminar, and it was amazing. Anthony Mascolo was in attendance, I even had the opportunity to watch the man himself cut hair. It was remarkable to see what he could do with a pair of scissors.

As the night went on and the TIGI® Teaching Seminar ended, I was taken aback by the fact that this would be the last stop on the TIGI® Copyright tour. I was so thankful for the tremendous opportunity that TIGI® had given the Make Your Life Sweeter® team these past few months and am so delighted to see what the future holds. Can’t wait until next year!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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The Knot Gala

For the last nine years, The Knot Gala has been the most elite and well known end to New York Bridal Fashion Week. Every year, they throw the most extravagant and glam party in the city for over a thousand of their closest friends. Those friends consisting of the countries most prominent Event Planners, of course.

This year, the fabulous Amy Jacobs from Chandelier Events was in charge of planning the Gala, and I don’t think the Knot could’ve found anyone better to lead this fabulous night. My team and I arrived early in the afternoon to begin setup for the nights event. It was amazing to see everything being created. The globe of florals towards the front of the building was being constructed by at least 10 people, the chandeliers were being hung high upon the ceiling and furniture was being cascaded around, trying to find its designated place. It was crazy to think that in just a few short hours, this place will hold over 1,000 of the most prominent event planners in the country.

As night started to fall over the New York Public Library, the lights shone bright onto the masterpiece that was The Knot Gala. Guests started to flood in dressed in elegant ball gowns and fashionable suits. They were welcomed by the whimsical sounds of harpists and were greeted by two Pan Am styled flight attendants offering “Passports” to guests as they entered the event.

The theme for the nights event was, “Love Can Change The World” and was illustrated into every single piece of the event. From the second you walk into the Library, you’re transported to an elegant dance party with a band that never stops playing, a moving ceiling with a strobe light show and hot air balloons made of florals intertwined into the stage. Walking through the New York Public Library, you’ll find the Zen Pavilion, inspired by the Zen Gardens of Japan. A Polar Pavilion where you can shuck your Oysters all the while, snuggling up to all the fur details in the room. The Futuristic room was next, a 360 Degree Photo Booth lined the walls while guests ate off a conveyer belt of food. The French Pavilion was full of the most intoxicating Lavender flowers that I had ever smelt, the room was stocked with pastries and delicious bites. The last room (and my favorite, if i’m being honest) was the Moroccan Spice Market inspired by the markets of Marrakesh.

After guests picked through their spice preferences and light bites, they were escorted towards the Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea Infusion Bar with dealers choice of either Clove Chai, Moroccan Mint or Jasmine flavored cotton candy. Everyone loved the sweet twist of a Moroccan Tea Bar.

As the night progressed, my team and I began a passed service of Glow in the Dark Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy on the dance floor. Guests were going CRAZY, it was incredible. Everyone was having such an amazing time dancing it up in the main room. Rescue flats saved the day as heels started to fly off and flats started to be the new normal.

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was so honored to have been inducted into this years Knot Gala. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciativeness to the team over at the Knot and look forward to nexts years 10th Anniversary!

Make Your Life Sweeter


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Kleinfelds Annual Bridal Fashion Show

Kleinfeld® is a highly celebrated and high profile wedding dress store that has been making dreams come true for brides since 1941. They are the star on the hit TV show “Say Yes To The Dress” and have even been seen on an episode of Friends!

Every year, they are the IT show of New York Bridal Fashion Week. It’s a highly exclusive and the most prominent show of the year. So when Make Your Life Sweeter® was approached by Kleinfelds® directly to participate in this years annual bridal fashion show celebrating the Pnina Tornai collection, we were ecstatic.

Located at the beautiful Metropolitan Pavilion in the heart of New York City, the scene was set for the most high-profile event of Bridal Fashion Week. The Make Your Life Sweeter® team arrived a few hours before showtime to set up for the nights festivities.

As my team and I set up for the event, we were able to witness the run-throughs and last minute details added to the show. It was remarkable to see how much a venue could change in just a few short hours. After setup, I had had the amazing opportunity to walk backstage and see all of the jaw-dropping and ridiculously beautiful dresses that would be owning the runway in a few short hours.

As guests started flooding in, they were all welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar with Customized Pnina Tornai Straws. Everyone adored our sweet treats, we had a huge buzz around our booth all the way until the fashion show!

As the lights dimmed, everyone found their seats and waited for the most anticipated unveiling of the night. As the beautiful Pnina Tornai dresses graced the runway, everyone was in awe of the precision and detail that went into every single dress. I had never seen so much beauty in a collection of dresses, I could never pick a favorite, they were all so breathtaking.

As the show ended, Pnina Tornai came out herself to greet everyone that attended the show, I myself even had the chance to meet her and she was so nice and welcoming!

As the night ended and my team and I were at the local pizza place, scarfing down pizza in our stilettos I could not stop thinking about the fact that I had actually attended Kleinfeld’s Annual Bridal Fashion Show. It was such a surreal feeling. I’m just so thankful for the opportunities that the Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I get to experience through the help of amazing clients like Kleinfeld’s.

Make Your Life Sweeter,


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DCEO'S 2018 Womens Symposium

D Magazine is one of the most prestigious magazine outlets in the entire Dallas metroplex. Every year, they host an annual "Women's Symposium" with the agenda of informing and educating like-minded individuals and helping them find their inner leader. When I was asked to speak at the Symposium, I was thrilled to have the chance to educate and inform the fellow guests of culture in the workplace and the importance of being a female leader.

Located at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, hundreds of women gathered to celebrate and learn from the amazing and forward thinking individuals running this year's panel. 

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was in attendance with a SUGAIRE® Organic Cotton Candy sparkling water infusion and a HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn booth full of sweet and savory flavors for everyone in attendance!

Throughout the day, my team and I were able to listen and learn from all of the strong and innovative women that graced the stage.

I had the opportunity to discuss how company culture and mentoring women can impact a company, wether it be big or small. I talked about embracing the challenge in every situation and learning from every mistake. Everyone has obstacles in their life that they need to overcome to become a better version of themselves, I wanted to educate these amazing women on how anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I had a blast at this amazing event and can't wait for next year!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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Hotel ZAZA Grand Opening

Memorial City - Houston

The Make Your Life Sweeter team and I had the extraordinary pleasure of attending Hotel Zazas Grand Opening soiree in Houston a few weeks back, and it was anything but simple.

This Texan hotel brought a perfect mixture of comfort and style  that are hard to come by in other hotels, bringing an intimate feeling to each and every guest. 

"ZAZA AIR" was the theme for the hotels grand opening party. Guests were welcomed to a red carpet leading into the hotel, greeted by Flight Attendants and Pilots handing out passports to be stamped at every room. 

People made their way through the hotel, amazed at every little detail the ZAZA staff went through to make the experience memorable. There were luxury cars lined up out front, models imitating live art throughout the hotels, a violinist jamming along to Drake's top hits, and a pretty awesome hot tea bar from yours truly!

Located in the luxurious "ZASPA", SUGAIRE® was in full swing running an Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea Infusion Bar for eager guests.

Greeted by the Make Your Life Sweeter® team, everyone had the opportunity to choose from nine flavors of SUGAIRE® and were presented with a fabulous treat to end their night.

On the fifth floor, guests were able to walk-through and experience the "Magnificent Seven Suites". From the "Passage to India" to the " Godfather" suites, no room was the same. This gave guests an extraordinary experience of understanding the creativity behind the hotel and seeing how much work was put into making such an unforgettable stay for each and every individual that chooses to stay at this one of a kind hotel.

The tenth floor held many exquisite choices of food and beverages that would fit anyone's needs. The dance floor was buzzing with people dancing and having a great time. Movies projected onto the walls, trapeze artists swayed in the room and a violinist played along to the DJ; making an incredible end to an amazing night!

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was so honored to be able to have made everyones night at Hotel ZAZA a little sweeter!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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Da Vinci School Gala - February 10, 2018

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

The Da Vinci school fundraising gala was an event of pure elegance and wealthy donations. The event was held at the Dallas Country Club on the 10th of February. At seven o’clock, company started pouring in through the doors.

Guests were greeted with Rose Gold cotton candy on top of champagne at their arrival, dawned with masquerade masked straws and all. The fashion that lied in the coat closet alone was to die for. Women wore fur jackets of all colors, while others dawned the most exquisite pairs of shoes.

Little clouds of cotton candy danced around the room and made their way to the guests. The crowd loved Make Your Life Sweeters twist on, “just another glass of champagne”.

As the night grew longer, everyone was escorted towards the dining hall, the fundraiser was about to begin. My team and I had the opportunity to join in on the festivities and witness the auction first hand. The Auctioneer was auctioning the most amazing things away. Some of the donations included: A week long stay in Aspen, CO. a tour of a Tesla facility, a safari hunt in South Africa and a vacation in Belize, to name a few. People were throwing up their paddles like crazy, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, all going towards an amazing cause, their children's education!

After the fundraiser had concluded, guests were once again greeted with the Sweet faces of the Make Your Life Sweeter team! Nestled between a remarkable fireplace and the dessert bar, guests were welcomed with Hotpoppin® gourmet popcorn bar. The popcorn bar held the three sweet flavors of: Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel, Confetti and South African Peppermint Crisp. Guests were overjoyed to find such a thing, they were even losing their spots in line from the dessert bar to try a piece of our sweet treats!

The night was full of sweet outfits, sweet people and an even sweeter cause! I’m so honored that I was able to be apart of it.

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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