The Knot Gala

For the last nine years, The Knot Gala has been the most elite and well known end to New York Bridal Fashion Week. Every year, they throw the most extravagant and glam party in the city for over a thousand of their closest friends. Those friends consisting of the countries most prominent Event Planners, of course.

This year, the fabulous Amy Jacobs from Chandelier Events was in charge of planning the Gala, and I don’t think the Knot could’ve found anyone better to lead this fabulous night. My team and I arrived early in the afternoon to begin setup for the nights event. It was amazing to see everything being created. The globe of florals towards the front of the building was being constructed by at least 10 people, the chandeliers were being hung high upon the ceiling and furniture was being cascaded around, trying to find its designated place. It was crazy to think that in just a few short hours, this place will hold over 1,000 of the most prominent event planners in the country.

As night started to fall over the New York Public Library, the lights shone bright onto the masterpiece that was The Knot Gala. Guests started to flood in dressed in elegant ball gowns and fashionable suits. They were welcomed by the whimsical sounds of harpists and were greeted by two Pan Am styled flight attendants offering “Passports” to guests as they entered the event.

The theme for the nights event was, “Love Can Change The World” and was illustrated into every single piece of the event. From the second you walk into the Library, you’re transported to an elegant dance party with a band that never stops playing, a moving ceiling with a strobe light show and hot air balloons made of florals intertwined into the stage. Walking through the New York Public Library, you’ll find the Zen Pavilion, inspired by the Zen Gardens of Japan. A Polar Pavilion where you can shuck your Oysters all the while, snuggling up to all the fur details in the room. The Futuristic room was next, a 360 Degree Photo Booth lined the walls while guests ate off a conveyer belt of food. The French Pavilion was full of the most intoxicating Lavender flowers that I had ever smelt, the room was stocked with pastries and delicious bites. The last room (and my favorite, if i’m being honest) was the Moroccan Spice Market inspired by the markets of Marrakesh.

After guests picked through their spice preferences and light bites, they were escorted towards the Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea Infusion Bar with dealers choice of either Clove Chai, Moroccan Mint or Jasmine flavored cotton candy. Everyone loved the sweet twist of a Moroccan Tea Bar.

As the night progressed, my team and I began a passed service of Glow in the Dark Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy on the dance floor. Guests were going CRAZY, it was incredible. Everyone was having such an amazing time dancing it up in the main room. Rescue flats saved the day as heels started to fly off and flats started to be the new normal.

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was so honored to have been inducted into this years Knot Gala. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciativeness to the team over at the Knot and look forward to nexts years 10th Anniversary!

Make Your Life Sweeter


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Kleinfelds Annual Bridal Fashion Show

Kleinfeld® is a highly celebrated and high profile wedding dress store that has been making dreams come true for brides since 1941. They are the star on the hit TV show “Say Yes To The Dress” and have even been seen on an episode of Friends!

Every year, they are the IT show of New York Bridal Fashion Week. It’s a highly exclusive and the most prominent show of the year. So when Make Your Life Sweeter® was approached by Kleinfelds® directly to participate in this years annual bridal fashion show celebrating the Pnina Tornai collection, we were ecstatic.

Located at the beautiful Metropolitan Pavilion in the heart of New York City, the scene was set for the most high-profile event of Bridal Fashion Week. The Make Your Life Sweeter® team arrived a few hours before showtime to set up for the nights festivities.

As my team and I set up for the event, we were able to witness the run-throughs and last minute details added to the show. It was remarkable to see how much a venue could change in just a few short hours. After setup, I had had the amazing opportunity to walk backstage and see all of the jaw-dropping and ridiculously beautiful dresses that would be owning the runway in a few short hours.

As guests started flooding in, they were all welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar with Customized Pnina Tornai Straws. Everyone adored our sweet treats, we had a huge buzz around our booth all the way until the fashion show!

As the lights dimmed, everyone found their seats and waited for the most anticipated unveiling of the night. As the beautiful Pnina Tornai dresses graced the runway, everyone was in awe of the precision and detail that went into every single dress. I had never seen so much beauty in a collection of dresses, I could never pick a favorite, they were all so breathtaking.

As the show ended, Pnina Tornai came out herself to greet everyone that attended the show, I myself even had the chance to meet her and she was so nice and welcoming!

As the night ended and my team and I were at the local pizza place, scarfing down pizza in our stilettos I could not stop thinking about the fact that I had actually attended Kleinfeld’s Annual Bridal Fashion Show. It was such a surreal feeling. I’m just so thankful for the opportunities that the Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I get to experience through the help of amazing clients like Kleinfeld’s.

Make Your Life Sweeter,


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