The Breakers - ANCDS Conference

Founded in 1896, the Breakers® is one of the most prestigious and well sought after resorts in North America. Guests are known to range from business tycoons to well known movie stars. Anyone who’s anyone stays at the fabulous resort, located in the beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. The Breakers® have held the honor of hosting the most elaborate events that anyone has ever seen. Every year, the Breakers® hold an immaculate 3 day pharmaceutical conference in the resort. This year, The Breakers® reached out to the Make Your Life Sweeter® team in hopes to spread a little Sweetness for the last night of the conference. We were thrilled to participate!

My team and I arrived in Palm Beach and made our way to the world renowned resort. When we arrived, we were directed straight to the ballroom to begin setup for the nights event. As we made our way to the the Grand Venetian Ballroom, we were all blown away by the magnitude and ambiance of the resort, it felt like we had just stepped into a castle. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Every major company was attending this event. Coca-Cola® and Pepsi were both in attendance as the biggest contributors (if that’s gives you any insight!). The Make Your Life Sweeter® team set up two beautiful dessert bars for the conventions last event. As guests arrived in the grand ballroom, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infusion Bar with customized Breakers® hashtag flags. Guests were completely blown away and were even coming back for more!

As guests danced and conversed the night away, they feasted on an elite buffet style meal with decadent seafood as far as the eye could see. When they were finished, everyone made their way to the Venetian Ballroom for some SWEET treats!

The Venetian Ballroom was filled with desserts from all around the world. Guests had the opportunity to choose between chocolate covered waffle churros, or caramel drizzled red velvet cake. There was even a make your own sundae station and popcorn bar! As everyone made their way around the Venetian ballroom gathering plates and plates of SWEET treats, they were welcomed with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea Infusion Bar to end their night! The Hot Tea Infusion Bar was such a hit, we couldn’t stop serving!

Everyone had such a great time at the event and I am so excited to have the Breakers® team not only as a new client, but as new friends! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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