Chopra Birthday Party

This past November, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team had the opportunity to incorporate our products into the most elegant birthday party I had ever had the opportunity to attend.

Located at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Dallas, my team and I arrived early to set up for the night’s event. As we arrived, we were directed to the main ballroom, and I was completely shocked when I saw the entrance. Lined up all along the walls were beautifully constructed games that looked like they had just stepped out of the fair (and maybe they had)!

As I made my way through the entrance and into the actual room, I was welcomed with beautiful garnishes and decorations. The room was draped with exquisite pastel curtains lining the walls, and an amazing chandelier hung high above the marble dance floor. It was breathtaking.

A guests started to flood in, they were welcomed with an elegant ModSweets Chocolate tasting tower with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Hot Tea, Affogato and Infusion Bar as well as a HotPoppin® Gourmet Popcorn Bar.

Everyone couldn’t get enough of all of our decadent treats and were even coming back for seconds or thirds! As the night progressed, everyone shared laughs and conversations as they ate the most delicious dinner. Toasts were made to the special birthday girl as well as warm wishes for her future.

As the hour hit 9 o’clock, staff members made their way through the crowds to welcome everyone with a Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy Infused Drink to cheers at the exact time that the honoree was born. As the time hit 9:22pm everyone wished the young child another bright year, with many more to come!

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was so honored to be inducted into this special night and will cherish it for many more years to come!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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