Neiman Marcus Beauty Conclave

Every year, Neiman Marcus flies in every top cosmetics manager from their stores throughout the country to show the new beauty trends of the upcoming year. 

This past July, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked by the Laura Mercier cosmetics brand to help deliver a little sweetness to each and every guest!

Located at the beautiful Statler Hotel in downtown Dallas, Neiman Marcus Conclave was set up to an amazing instagram-worthy platform of photo walls and picturesque views of the city.

When my team and I arrived, we were greeted with such a warm welcome from the Dallas based Neiman Marcus company. As we entered the event we met the amazing women behind the Laura Mercier brand and began to set up for our event. With help from the awesome staff at the Statler hotel, my team and I flipped and entire room for over 200 people in under 20 minutes!

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I supplied guests with their own Laura Mercier customized Sugaire® organic cotton candy drink with their choice of flavor for both cotton candy and beverage. As it was time for the Laura Mercier brand to reveal their new product, my team and I went over to every guest and did a personal infusion for each and every one. Guests were able to choose between a Vanilla Chai cotton candy with hot tea, a mango flavored cotton candy with a passion fruit lemonade or a Rose Gold cotton candy with sparkling water.

Throughout the presentation, the Laura Mercier brand was able to create an experience for their guests unlike any other. Everyone loved the idea of such an "instagramable" treat! The Make Your life Sweeter® team and I are so incredibly thankful to be able to Make Life a Little Sweeter for everyone at Neiman Marcus Beauty Conclave!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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