Neiman Marcus Conclave - PR Managers Conference

Neiman Marcus is a world renowned department store that specializes in high fashion with stores that span all around the country.

Every year, Neiman Marcus hosts a four day conference for all of their managers around the country. For 12 straight hours, everyones itineraries are stacked with meetings, discussions and dinners. With the main goal being to inform and educate on everything from fashion to brand marketing. 

This year's conclave was held at the exquisite Adolphus hotel in downtown Dallas. The Adolphus is a historical landmark in the main street district of Downtown Dallas. The building brings a classy yet eccentric feel to the area, making it a perfect place to host over 50 PR Managers from all of the Neiman Marcus stores around the country.

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team and I set up a beautiful display for Tuesday's break between sessions. We had a table full of ModSweets™Sugaire®, HotPoppin® and an assortment of Infusion Kits. 

The guests were all able to take an item from the display table. Everyone loved the chic packaging of our ModSweets™ line and the customization on the Sugaire® pints. 

I had the chance to speak at the Neiman Marcus PR Manager Conference and was so thrilled for the opportunity! As everyone broke for lunch, my team and I swooped into the conference room to set up for my presentation. After lunch ended and everyone had made it back to their seats, I was given an extraordinarily kind and heartwarming introduction from a fellow client and dear friend, Mimi Sterling. 

As I presented my line of gourmet sweets to the Neiman Marcus managers, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team went around and did a personal Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy infusion for each and every individual in the room. They loved the idea and the customization of each and every straw. It was a huge hit!

I am so honored to have been given the extraordinary opportunity to present my business to the company that got me to where I am today. 

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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