Texas Motor Speedway Open House

Texas Motor Speedway is a speedway located in Fort Worth that hosts IndyCar, Xfinity, and Monster Energy Nascar Cup races; as well as many other events.

This past April, We had the opportunity to attend Texas Motor Speedways Open House and were blown away by the exquisite facility that houses thousands of race goers almost every weekend.

The open house started with a brunch in the ballroom to all that joined in the festivities of the day. The food served was amazing; they had mini omelets and eggs benedict with yogurt parfaits, everything was so scrumptious!

After breakfast, we were all ushered to charter bus' to escort us to the Texas Motor Speedway Suites located at the very top of the racetracks seating area. We were all greeted with sushi and lemonade as we all took in the exquisite views of the track.

Throughout the tour, the Make Your Life Sweeter team were able to see all of the most influential spots of the Texas Motor Speedway Racetrack and were in awe of how beautiful the place was. Every place we were taken, we were welcomed with a different environment of fun things. One Suite had candy lined all along the walls for us to take, one rooftop bar had a DJ playing live and the tent area even had a photo-booth! 

The last stop on the tour was the garage near the track. Race-cars lined a aisle through the facility and a band played hit songs throughout the day. As you walked in, you were greeted with a man on stilts and reflective gear. To your right you got to choose between all different kinds of flamboyant donuts and banana pudding (which, by the way, was made right in front of you). In the center of it all was a live spin of Fluffpop® Artisanal Mini Cotton Candy.

As guests flooded in, they were amazed of how something could taste so good, yet be so low on calorie intake. Everyone loved the sweet treat and I couldn't have been happier with the end results.

Towards the end of the open house, Texas Motor Speedway held a raffle for all of the guests. Thanks to my amazing client, I had the chance to participate in the raffle and was, in fact one of the winners!

I had a once in a lifetime experience to ride along in an actual race-car with an experienced driver and had an amazing time! I am so incredibly thankful to be able to experience things like this and am so gracious to all of the people in my life that allow me to pursue these unbelievable and wonderful things. 

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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