Neiman Marcus Conclave 2018

Through the amazing team at IRO clothing brand, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of all of the upcoming fashion for the new year. 

This past May, my team and I were able to arrive at the beautiful Adolphus Hotel located in downtown Dallas to provide an experience for the fellow guests unlike no other.

Clothing buyers from all around the country were in attendance. All excited to see what the glorious designers of Neiman Marcus had in store for them this year. 

We arrived in the afternoon to set up our service, designers and models were running around, racks of incredible clothing were swaying through as they were being transported from one place to the other. There was a glorious hecticity feeling the room, everything was running at such a fast pace yet was so organized and articulate. 

We set up a Sugaire™ Organic Cotton Candy Affogato bar with a Sea Salt Caramel cotton candy and vanilla bean ice cream poured over with a french press for the finishing touch. 

When the IRO team was up to present their new line, I was able to speak in front of all of the Neiman Marcus buyers to describe what the Make Your Life Sweeter® team had in store for them today. 

As the fashion brand displayed their new, and exquisite line of clothing to the buyer, my team and I were able to go around the room delivering an affogato masterpiece to each and every individual.

Everyone loved the sweet treat and I cannot be more excited for what the future holds for next years Neiman Marcus line!

Make Your Life Sweeter

- Yasmeen

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