The Elisa Project Luncheon - Fighting against eating disorders.

The Elisa Project is an organization that helps and guides individuals of all backgrounds to a healthier way of living. Through TEP, many people are able to get the resources needed in order to help and diminish eating disorders. Recently, The Elisa Project held a luncheon at the BrookHollow Country Club with a very special keynote speaker; Chrissy Metz.

The Make Your Life Sweeter team had the opportunity to donate hundreds of products to the event, all to further a remarkable cause. Every seat was furnished with either a bag of HotPoppin Popcorn or a sweet pint of Sugaire Organic Cotton Candy.The VIP tables were dawned with our MOD SWEETS Artisanal Collection of popcorn, we even got to gift the honoree; Chrissy Metz with our signature Keepsake Box (which she loved by the way). The guests adored the sweet treats, and enjoyed a little snack while learning more about The Elisa Project

MODSWEETS - The Elisa Project Luncheon
Yasmeen Tadia - The Elisa Project Luncheon

My team and I arrived early to set up the event, it was wonderful to see things before guests filled the rooms. Every table was set with an exquisite floral center piece with fine china for every guest. Before the event started, The Make Your Life Sweeter Team had the chance to meet the Golden Globe Nominated and "This is us" actress, Chrissy Metz!

While the guests started flooding in, my team and I took our seats at our table that was so graciously donated to us from The Elisa Project. I invited some close friends as well as my team, so that we could all experience this remarkable cause together.

As lunch was served, women from The Elisa Project went to  the podium and explained why they fight against this terrible disease that hurts so many people. They described cases where they've helped others and even had someone speak who had an eating disorder, and how The Elisa Project helped her overcome those tough times. 

After lunch was served, the speaker welcomed Chrissy and asked her to join her on stage. They talked about how important it is to love yourself and have a strong support system when times get rough. She talked about how she has struggled throughout her life with her weight and self image and said that if she could tell herself then what she knew now, then she'd say not to listen to the people that put you down; it's your life and it's your body, live it the way that you want. 

Make Your Life Sweeter Events - The Elisa Project with special guest Chrissy Metz

This luncheon was so inspirational and sent such a strong message to all of the attendees in the room. It was such an honor to be able to listen to such motivational and real words and im so thankful that my team and I had the chance to be apart of something so amazing!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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