McKool Smith

A night full of serendipitous laughter and dancing were in full effect the night of December eighth. Held at the beautiful Belo mansion, the Mckool Smith law firm held their annual holiday party in the most extravagant way.

The “lights” theme was in full swing starting at the door. Guests were greeted by 12 foot robotic characters signaling their way to the entrance using laser guns, quite the entrance if you ask me! Inside you were handed light-up necklaces from women dressed in LED dresses with matching headsets.

The historic Belo Mansion was completely redecorated to fit the nights theme. They sure lit it up!! Chandeliers made of disks were covering the ceiling, reflecting a beautiful rainbow off of anyone's path it crossed. Light’s of all different colors ran up the walls. Floral pieces decorated the tables with the most magical embellishments.

Every room had a different theme, as well as a different act. In the first room you were greeted by an insanely talented singer with a dress of fire. (Don’t worry, it was computerized!) In the second room, dueling piano singers doing some amazing...well, you guessed it, duets! In the next held Tarot readers, dressed to the nine in the most whimsical outfits anyone had ever seen.

The food was served in fish- bowl like dishes to guests and included many choices for even the pickiest of eaters. From shrimp to french fries, everyone's deepest cravings were satisfied with the food selection.

The excitement of the night skyrocketed as the Make Your Life Sweeter® team entered the party. Whimsical women dressed head to toe in reflected outfits carried a plethora of light up Sugaire® on trays out to eager guests. The party- goers couldn’t get enough of the SWEET treat. Flavorful poofs of Gingerbread and Sweet Peppermint flavored Organic Cotton Candy couldn’t make their way around the room fast enough!

The night ended with men and women of all ages dancing and singing on the dance floor to a Canadian cover band with an amazing spectrum of songs, as well as eighty different costume changes. It was a SWEET night, to say the least!

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen

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