MS Society Luncheon - November 10, 2017

Each year, we donate our services to some SWEET organizations and charities. The MS Society® has, and continues to hold a very special place in my heart. A few years ago, my aunt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have seen the effects of living with this disease first hand and am more than happy to help in any way possible when it comes The MS Society®.  

This past year I was chosen as the “MS Society Person on the Move” and was so grateful for the opportunity to make everyones day a little sweeter. The MS Society® of Texas was also celebrating their 1 million dollar donation milestone, which made for a amazing evening!

What an honor  it was to be selected as 2017’s “Person on the Move”! I still can't believe it, but I am so proud to be a supporter of The MS Society®.

Make Your Life Sweeter,

- Yasmeen