Intel Influencer Launch Party

Intel® is an American multinational corporation and technology company located in multiple facilities in California. This year, the Make Your Life Sweeter® team was asked to participate in Intel’s annual showcase for their top influencers.

My team and I arrived in New York City the day before to set up for the event. When we got to the One World Trade Center, we were escorted to the 65th floor. I was blown away by the stunning view that the building held, it felt like it was looking over the entire city. As we set up, I couldn’t stop thinking this amazing opportunity that we had been given.

As the event approached, my team and I started to place the final sweet details on our table. When it was time to start letting influencers into the venue, The Make Your Life Sweeter® team was ready for the night.

When the doors opened, guests were welcomed to an Ombré table of Customized Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy with matching HotPoppin® Popcorn placements, La Mod Macarons and ModChocolate Chocolate Bar. Everyone had the chance to pick their favorite sweet treat before going to see the Intel® Showcase.

Throughout the night, we surprised attendees with Sugaire® Organic Cotton Candy infused into a glass of Champagne. Everyone LOVED our sweet treats and couldn’t get enough!

As everyone made their way through the showcase, they were shown the progression of technology through computer devices, they were treated to light bites and snacks and were even able to star in their own Virtual Realty.

The Make Your Life Sweeter® team had such an amazing time at the Intel® Influencer Launch Party and am so grateful for the opportunity to have attended this fabulous event!

Make Your Life Sweeter,


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